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"My art is a way for me to process the world and my place in it. As a self-taught painter and visual artist, I explore a variety of mediums and techniques to express different themes, but always in relation to my internal experience within a larger social construct. I love acrylics and collage for abstractions that represent the challenges and strengths of a life that deviates from the neurotypical. Watercolours are my go-to portrait medium, where I examine the impacts of global issues on daily life.  No matter what the medium, I always combine a bold, vibrant palette with loose layering, and intuitive mark-making, to bring together big pictures and intimate details. Painting is a way for me to examine the subjective and the objective, it gives me a visual voice to process perceived difficulties and to transmute them into strong and pretty things."


Jaime McNair is an abstract artist with a BA is Psychology and a mission to build thriving community and connection through art, culture & mental health advocacy. 

Always up for a challenge or new adventure, Jaime welcomes and embraces change and novelty. She loves to look at things in new ways and to explore different mediums and techniques. She seeks to live with openness and curiosity, empathy and flexibility, passion and joy. 

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