An abstract artist and mental health advocate who received a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult, Jaime McNair now combines bold, vibrant palettes in a variety of mediums, with loose layering, intuitive mark-making, and influences from abstraction, expressionism, and street art, to visually represent the delightfully chaotic, internal world of life with the condition.  

McNair is an autodidactic artist who loves to create, yet chose not to pursue a formal art education. Instead, she has continued to independently develop her artistic practice while completing a college diploma in Broadcasting, a B.A. in Psychology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Communicative Disorders (why an ADHD diagnosis took so long to pursue is still up for debate).


These pursuits have helped to shape and broaden the central theme explored through McNair's work- that it's ok to be an outlier, and that diversity is beautiful and can be celebrated. Her mixed media works on canvas and paper visually represent the beauty, benefits, and strengths of ADHD.


"My work helps me process and reconcile life with ADHD, and to connect with and communicate my experience to others. My ADHD brain is at once chaotic, messy, disorganized, and creative, vibrant, and full of spirit and passion. It can be a wild, disjointed ride, but it can also be an absolute adventure depending on how I view it.


At times it’s a beautiful dream. I live immersed in whatever bit of stimulation or novelty decides to join me in the moment.  Time and space become relative and it's all so easy to become hyperfocused in the here and now. Other times it’s a nightmare, I don't remember details, events, or processes necessary to live a 'normal' life. The mundane and routine become painful to participate in.


To define ADHD as a blessing or a curse is dependent on the lens  I view it through, and since I believe that what I focus my attention on grows, I want to look at the beauty that ADHD brings. My work helps me do that. It brings the messiness and the chaos, and the vibrancy and the spirit all out into the open, it celebrates it, and makes it into something beautiful.”

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