My art is a way for me to process the world and my place in it. As a self-taught painter and visual artist, I explore a variety of mediums and techniques to express different themes, but always in relation to my internal experience within a larger social construct. I love acrylics and collage for abstractions that represent the challenges and strengths of an ADHD brain and life that deviates from the neurotypical. Watercolours are my go-to portrait medium, where I examine the impacts of global issues on daily life.  No matter what the medium, I always combine a bold, vibrant palette with loose layering, and intuitive mark-making, to bring together big pictures and intimate details. Painting is a way for me to examine the subjective and the objective, it gives me a visual voice to process difficulties and to transmute them into strong and pretty things.


Jaime McNair is an abstract artist and mental health advocate who received a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult. McNair is an autodidactic artist who loves to create, yet chose not to pursue a formal art education. Instead, she independently developed her art practice while completing a college diploma in Broadcasting, a B.A. in Psychology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Communicative Disorders (why an ADHD diagnosis took so long to pursue is still up for debate).  

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